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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Building the Baby Steps House

If you’re following me in Instagram, you know that we are making quick progress on building our new home. Our finish date is scheduled for some time in May, and I am starting to realize just how quickly that time is approaching.

It is a bit overwhelming to think about outfitting a new home that will be bigger and need more furnishings that we currently own. Even if we don’t go all out right away, we still need some basics … because my almost-four-year-old most definitely needs to get out of a crib and into a real bed.

In fact, we will need new bedding for everyone in our new home. Upgrading from one living area to two and one dining space to two also means that we (I) have a lot of shopping to do in the next few months.

Timing these purchases is also a struggle. What can or should I order now and then pay to move in May? What can I purchase (big furniture?) and have stores hold for us until we are ready to have it delivered? What can wait until the last minute ... and how much will I regret putting things off until the last minute? How much will I annoy Husband if I overdo it at this point in time?

If you have any suggestions to share on this process, I’m all ears! I have been making wish lists and boards for months, and I actually made a couple of purchases recently. I picked up this quilt at Home Goods while traveling last week for work. 

It has the blend of gray and beige that we plan to use in most of the spaces throughout the house. Apparently greige is a thing now?! We will likely use this quilt either as a bedspread or throw in our new master bedroom. I also bought matching shams, but they’re standard size (not king) … so I know I’ll be looking for other coordinating pieces. I found similar Tahari-brandbedspreads on Amazon, but nothing that was an exact match.

I also picked up these supercute mixing bowls on an Amazon Lightning Deal. 

They’re not a necessity, but I love them … and I will just hide them away until moving day. Hopefully Husband will think we’ve had them all along. Shhhh!

So, as we move through this process that is quite daunting for me, I would love your help! Share your opinions, experience, advice. Bring it on! 

Today I shared some items that I have already purchased, but I plan to post options from time to time and would love to hear what you think. Because I’ll be sharing direct links, I will also be trying my hand at a few affiliate programs (Amazon, Wayfair, etc.), which means I might be compensated if you click/buy directly from my site. But I promise that I won’t be asking you to buy anything … just the opposite! I’ll be asking you to tell ME what to buy! If you happen to also love an item, I would be ever-so-grateful if you'd make your purchase by clicking directly from my link. 

It’s an exciting time as we build the Baby Steps House, and it’s moving quickly! Thanks for joining me in this journey! 

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