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Monday, May 15, 2017

Baby Steps: Catch up

Hi, friends. It's been a while ....

The last few months brought quite a few ups and downs for us ... and writing, once again, took a back seat to real life. We were moving along at a fast and furious pace with work, building our new house, and trying to balance it all when life threw a major curve ball our way. We lost my stepfather in March, very unexpectedly. To be honest, I still do not have the right words. I'm not sure if I ever will. It's all still very surreal and much too painful.

But life can be funny, too (in an ironic sense, that is) ... I've been thinking a lot lately about giving up this blog. What is a writer to do if there is no time or will to actually write? And, blogging these days seems to be so much more about social media and affiliate links and promos ... and that's not really why I'm here. At least, it's not why I started this page way back when. But, as I said, life can be funny sometimes. Just this morning, as I was about to delete my 'friendly reminder' from Amazon Associates about how long it's been since I've had any clicks or purchases or whatnot, I looked up to see this little guy on my porch.

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He startled when I noticed him and flew up to the closest tree branch. He sat, and sang, and we watched each other for a while. They say a visit from a cardinal bird is a visit from your loved ones who have passed on, and that little bird reminded me today that I can't let the the outside world be the reason I stop doing this. I'm not sure how or if or when I will find the time to write on a regular basis. Hopefully the summer months will bring a bit of rest, a time for more writing, and reading, and self care -- we are all in need of a little more quiet time.

I hope to see you all around in the coming weeks. If I can find just the right balance, I hope to share with y'all some of the updates about building our house, as well as the stack of books I plan to dive into this summer, and maybe even a little bit about what I'm learning about Mindfulness.

Until then, here are a few fun items I have found for the Baby Steps House ...

These haven't arrived yet, but I'm hoping they do soon!

It took 2 weeks to get a kitchen table, but we finally found one at the West Elm Outlet. For now, we're using these fun chairs, but I can't decide if they should stay inside or go out to the patio ...

The one and only place in the house I didn't consult Husband's opinion was the guest room. I thought it would be okay to splurge away from his modern taste just a bit in there ...

Oh, and we're on a septic system now. I had no idea these things were so complicated, but this was my first 'septic-safe purchase...

If you have suggestions for dish soap, laundry detergent, etc., bring 'em on!

These are almost literally the only things we have in the house so far. Lots of work yet to do!

Thanks for catching up with me today. Keep moving forward, even if it feels like you're moving forward just one baby step at a time.

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