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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Good morning ...

Good morning, old friends.

It always amazes me that I find so little time to write in the summer. It's the time when my work is a bit more slowly paced; it supposed to be the time when I have more .... well, time.

The truth is that I have struggled with my writing lately. To share or not to share. How much to share. Does anyone care? I've written a time or two about how much blogging has changed since I began about 8 years ago. For me, it was a means of connection at a time when I felt fairly isolated (remember: sick pregnancy, new town, no friends or energy = new blog).

Not only has my life changed and evolved over the last several years, so has the blogging world. It's no longer just a glorified daily journal, but a place that requires high quality images, social media, and some fairly intense networking if you want your work to go anywhere.

To that end, I have been wondering where exactly I fit in all of this. Write what you know is an often used adage, and I have done a lot of that, focusing on the aspects of working motherhood that are familiar to me. But, truth be told, those topics can grow weary fairly quickly. And .... another truth be told, most of those topics are not specific to mothers who work outside of the home, but to mothers of all walks of life.

Where do I fit? Who is my audience? This morning, friends, I believe I have found my answer ....

I fit here. And, my audience is me. I began writing as an outlet, as a mode of connection, and in a time when blogging was truly a glorified journal. And, at that time, I loved it. Write what you know. Do what you love. Today, I will begin a journey to take this space back to what I know and love.

I don't mean to exclude you by saying that I will by my own audience. Rather, I need to write for myself and not for anyone else. My goal, my hope, is that you will like what I share and that my writing will resonate with you .... and that you will become a part of my audience naturally.

What will I write about? Good question! What do I know and love? I love my family, our life together and this fabulous "new" idea to scale back, become less busy, and be mindful of the slower times and quieter moments. I'm not good at those latter things, so I'll write about my exploration and attempts at being less busy. I will still share my experiences in motherhood, working outside of the home.

I am also going to attempt a year-long project to post weekly about my kids, based on a picture from my phone. I'm hoping NOT to try to take pictures intentionally with a writing goal in mind. Rather, I'd like to look back on my week of photos (because I am that mom with 100 pictures/week on her phone), and write about our time.

Finally, I want to share some of my favorite things with y'all! I'm wholly reliant on Amazon Prime to function in any capacity (food, clothing, home furnishings, you name it!). I love supporting my friends side-hustle businesses. I love my friend Jolie's Purpose Box mission to shop with purpose and support those in need.

We will see how this goes, y'all! But before I can begin unpacking these writing goals of mine, I really need to finish unpacking our new house!

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