All the ways we recognize fall in the south .... - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

All the ways we recognize fall in the south ....

Because the weather certainly won’t tell us. 

1.  College Football. Yes, it starts in August. Yes, it’s still Summer. However, for us, even when the quarterback snaps the first ball of the season, we know we will have 6-8 more weeks of flip flop weather. At least he’s more predictable than a groundhog. 

2. Mixed messages when our kids ask what to wear. In our house, I break out the cardigans and ankle boots the moment the temps near the low 80s. Husband will wear shorts in the 50s. Our poor kids never really know if they’ve chosen the right outfit. 

3. All four seasons in one week. It’s true the high temps can stick around through November, but that doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally sprinkle in a snow flurry the day after we’ve floated the river. {Seriously, the weather won't tell us when Fall has arrived, at least not with any certainty.)

4. Pumpkin patches in flip flops and shorts. Family photos in cute fall outfits while sweating up a storm at 8:00 a.m. And, heavy coats layered over tank tops, because sometimes all four seasons also happen in a single day. Our closets are always bursting at the seams, because we can never pack away a season of clothing for months at a time. We usually need swim suits and scarves all in the same week. 

5. We eat and drink pumpkin spice everything in front of our fire places, but we need to crank down the AC first. 

6. We buy out the fall foliage section at craft stores because the leaves on our trees go from green to brown, then straight to the ground without ever a hint of yellow or orange or red. 

7. Halloween costumes are a nightmare to select. Those cute and cuddly animals costumes may cause our toddlers to have a heat stroke. On the other hand, a cold front could roll through and bring temps in the 30s by the time we start ringing doorbells to trick-or-treat. Seriously, how exactly do you prepare for this?!

You may have better luck in you part of the South, but here in South/Central Texas, we mostly fake it till we make it. We love the autumn season, and we are dang lucky that our southern roots and flare for overly dramatic hospitality and decor allow us to compensate for Mother Nature .... now I’m off to order a PSL, just as soon I turn UP the seat warmer in my car and turn DOWN the AC to its lowest setting. 

Happy Fall, y’all. Even if we have to make it happen ourselves. 

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