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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

She designed a life that she loved

In my most recent post, I shared that my word for 2018 is PEACE. It is our ultimate goal for this year, not only to make better efforts to calm our frenzied pace, but to feel a bit more inner peace as we navigate the busy world around us.

This is an important goal, but it is also quite lofty. And, even as I published that last post, something didn't quite sit well with me. It took me a few days to determine exactly what felt off about using this word to guide us through the year. It seemed, after all, like a reasonable aspiration, even if it might be difficult to accomplish. 

Then I happened upon one of those inspirational quotes that seem to be a dime a dozen these days. I wish I had taken a screen shot so that I could not only share the exact wording, but credit the author. But it didn't click for me until after the fact, at which time it clicked everything into place. The sentiment was that we need to stop making plans around our end-goal, but rather make goals to create better habits that will help achieve that goal. 

This is what hit me: the word peace is a bit too, well, passive. I couldn't reconcile my end-goal with the effort it would take to achieve it. So, although I am not revising my word of the year {PEACE is still the end-goal}, I am updating to encompass a motto that will help me get there...

It is a much more intentional motto and one that I believe will allow me to begin to create habits for change. It's so easy as a working mother to allow life to drag you from meetings to soccer games, from birthday parties and family get-togethers and PTA meetings back to business trips and presentations and conference calls. We want to feed our kids healthy, organic everything, but end up hoping that a Flintstones vitamin will make up the difference (and then feel guilty about that ... along with a laundry list of other self-proscribed failures). 

I don't know about you, but I constantly fee like I am not doing enough, or I am not spending enough time in the right places. When I am at work, I should be having lunch at the elementary school. When I am running a child to soccer or gymnastics, I should also be answering a few emails from every parking lot or pick-up line. It's a lifestyle that never seems to have a pause button, much less an option to power off. 

I believe the original version of that motto included the words and so: and so she designed a life that she loved. I'm not sure what words preceded this for the initial author, but for me it goes something like this ....

She was tired of the world around her dragging her through life.
She was tired of living each moment from one obligation to the next.
She was tired of never having a moment to rest or relax or breathe.
She was tired of spending days according to everyone else's agenda.
She was tired. She was just plain tired ..... 

And so, she designed a life that she loved. 

This is the plan, the goal, the hope. This is the first {baby} step toward achieving peace in 2018. The first step is to be intentional. She designed a life she loved ...

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