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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Amazon Prime Mom ...

It's true. I may have two dozen pinterest boards, but my most successful projects arrive via 2-day prime shipping. That's just more my speed. If it can't be ordered on Amazon, there is a good chance that I simply do now own it.

Every single morning, I wake up to coffee. Who doesn't? I'm not a sweet coffee drinker, but I do like a little bit of fancy, so we use our handy dandy milk frother to blend in our collagen peptides and splash of milk in a way that froths up to bubbly perfection.

I'm still considering the Ninja coffee you have one? Tell me if you love it ... I have my eye on it for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day !!

I also have my eye on a couple of other big ticket items, like ....

Clothes!! Does anyone else hate jean shopping as much as I do? Kut from the Kloth jeans always seem to fit, so they're my go to, and I'm hoping to add a pair of boyfriend jeans this summer. In my experience, they are often part of these big sales. Fingers crossed!

Furniture. Serious question for y'all ... has anyone ever ordered furniture from Amazon? I keep seeing ads pop up on my social feeds, and I am loving the look of two ottomans. If they go on sale, I might just snatch one up ...

This one from Stone and Beam looks amazing!

Same brand, but a round version ....

Are you a reader? I am usually so busy that it takes me weeks to finish a single book, but I have been on a role this summer! I have actually read about 7 books in the last month or so. What are you reading? Most recently, I devoured Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman. Loved it!

And, bigger question ... do you use Kindle Unlimited? Y'all I STRUGGLE with e-books. I want to hate them. I lovelovelove the feel of a real book in my hands. But my old eyes find it a little difficult to read print on paper late at night. My lamplight isn't that great. So, do I go e-book or just find a little booklight? Thoughts?

Alright, y'all. I promised that I would start sharing some of my favorite Amazon finds with you this year, and I'm juuuust now getting around to it. Thanks for taking a look at my first attempt here. I have a few others listed over on my Favorite Things tab, so feel free to take a check those out.

Please share YOUR favorites. I have a running list, actually, several running lists, of items that I regularly price check and keep handy for the perfect purchase moment.

(Affiliate links above mean that I may receive a small stipend IF you click and purchase from this website. Thanks so much for your support, y'all!)

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