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About Me

Hi. I’m Jenn. I’m a wife, mom, full-time sales rep, and part-time publisher. I hate the term ‘working mom’ because I think all moms work! Raising kids is hard, whether you do it all day long as a stay-at-home-mom or if you’re balancing parenting with a professional career. I fall in the latter camp, so technically (to use the popular term) I’m a working mom.

I have two little ones – Miss Mighty and The Boy. This blog is about my journey as a mom, raising these kids while also working full time in sales. You’ll hear from me about all kinds of things as I do my best to balance diaper changes and business suits, preschool programs and sales meetings, tea parties and conference calls. It’s not always easy, but it’s our life … and we love it. Of course, I couldn’t do any of it without Husband, who provides more support and love than I’m pretty sure is humanly possible. There’s a good chance he’s secretly a super hero.

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