Inspiration - Baby Steps in High Heels


I find inspiration in many places ...

In the people I meet every day who make balance look like taking a breath of air,

In my children who deeply understand the importance of living in the now (and who think the definition of the word hurry is to slow down),

In my husband who has an ability, which is still incomprehensible to me, to completely separate work from our personal life, and

In the writers I've grown to know and love, who are doing this much, much better than me.

Liza Dora

My friend, Jolie, at The Gray Matters and her amazing, heartfelt creation of Purpose Box

And, of course, I wouldn't know where to begin in my writing, or in life, without having read the beautiful and insightful words of some amazing writers. A few of my personal favorites have included.

Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

You Learn by Living by Eleanor Roosevelt

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